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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hamhock Legs?

I have a training session tonight, but my legs are like rubber bands today. It takes a lot to make my legs sore, but after Tuesday's session and spin last night (we focused on quads and hams), I can barely walk today -- muscles need recovery! Hopefully we'll do just core, back, chest or shoulders tonight. I swear my hamstring felt hard, like a big ol' hamhock!

My swim stuff shipped... better warn 24 there's a tidal wave on the horizon. :)

I'm posting my weights, because half the time I can't remember -- but that's what the trainer is for! :) Just a comment on the leg press weights. They are heavy -- but here's the deal... if anyone wants to gain weight, keep active and weigh in at 347 lbs, then around with that weight for 15 years, you too would have legs that strong! I knew tap dancing at 300+ lbs. would pay off one day. :)

The sad news is that eventually my strength building will level out. Because of the WLS, my body can only sustain so much growth because it is near impossible to maintain an anabolic state, conducive to muscle growth, because of my calorie restriction. Right now I am building a little muscle, but my strides are mostly neuromuscular, meaning my muscles have the ability, but essentially have to learn to engage.

7/31 Training Session:
4 sets of 8 reps - Leg Press 730 lbs. (Pushin' w/the big boys!)
4 sets of 8 reps - Leg Extensions 70 lbs.
4 sets of 8 reps - ball squats w/30 lb. dumbbells
4 sets of 8 reps - chest press 70 lbs.
4 sets of 8 reps - fly press 50 lbs.
4 sets of 8 reps - cable press triceps 70 lbs.
4 sets of 8 reps - cable-pull biceps 50 lbs.

Traditionally I've always done lighter weight, more reps and fewer sets. However in the last 4 weeks we changed it up, going to failure between 6 to 8 reps but more sets. As soon as we made that one change, the scale started moving again. How strange is that!?!

I get a totally different wiped out feeling after training this way-- like I'm the walking dead, but really want to do more! I find myself grunting without thinking about it. Someone is going to think a wild boar is loose in the gym one day!

Great training girls -- keep it up! :) I like having a place to check-in... this is cool!

On a blog related note, do you all have the ability to veiw the "Layout" of the blog? I added a new object for each of us on the right -- just edit it!

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Courtney said...

Your leg press rocks my socks off! I am super impressed.

Yes, we're able to view the layout. Alana and I both added little bios in our sections. :)