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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Stormy Weather

Hey all :) Just wanted to say HI since I've been in Galena, IL all week and just got back yesterday. If you didn't see/hear/read about it in the news, the majority of Chicagoland is/was under water. We're all fine... luckily our house didn't flood. But my folks have a huge chunk of siding off the back of the house, torn off down to the insulation. Also, 3 of the 40+ yo pine trees that my grandfather planted when they first bought the house are now laying across the backyard, one of them narrowly missing going through the equally ancient garage. The powerlines are trapped beneath them, but are in tact. So they have power, but can't get anything done/cleared until ComEd comes to hoist the lines back into place. Luckily, no water in the house other than a trickle or two that came in through cracks in the wall.

ANYWAY... training-wise, not much to report. We didn't get out on the bikes last weekend because it rained, didn't get out today because of too much other stuff going on. Tomorrow we'll see if Busse Woods is under water. If not, we'll get on the bikes. My ankle is a little sore, but I think that's from 6 hours of driving (3 monday, 3 yesterday). Oh... and my swimmer's ear wasn't swimmer's ear afterall... No ear infection, I have TMJ issues (jaw joint) which manifests as such fun things as headaches, jaw pain, earaches, migraines, neck pain, toothaches, etc.... LUCKY ME.

Later!!! :)

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Courtney said...

Glad you're ok, chica! I was worried about you...crazy weather!